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Dear Friends,

On Sunday April 21st His Excellency Bishop Donald Sanborn will be visiting Our Lady of the Sun Church. He will celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at nine a.m. and afterwards there will be a potluck to welcome him.

After the potluck His Excellency will deliver a conference. The conference will take place in the social hall of our Church and will be about different topics, such as what to think about the newly elected “pope” Francis, why one can or cannot assist at masses said in union (Una cum masses) with Francis and how should catholics/catholic families profess, protect and practice their Faith in the midst of nowadays anti-catholic world and culture.

After the speech, the public will have an opportunity to ask questions related to these topics or related to other issues as well.

We thought to invite you to all of these events scheduled for that Sunday, as we highly esteem and cherish your friendship. Be assured of our prayers.

Please feel free to forward/share this email with your friends as well.

In Christ,
Reverend Father Federico Palma