Posted by Elizabeth Armijo

Mon., March 14    Ferial Day                      No Mass

Tues., March 15   Ferial Day                    8:00 A.M. Low Mass                                                                                          

Wed., March 16      Ferial Day       8:00 A.M. Low Mass                                                                                              

Thurs., March 17         St. Patrick          9:00 A.M. Low Mass

                                                                                                                 Fri., March 18   Seven Sorrows of Our Lady     8:00 A.M. Low                                                                                                Mass                                                                                                                           Sat., March 19     St. Joseph              9:00 A.M. Low Mass

Sun., March 20    Palm Sunday             9:00 a.m. Low Mass


  • There will be catechism classes after Mass today.
  • There will be rosary and benediction this evening at 5:15.
  • There will be no Mass on Monday.
  • On Thursday, St. Patrick’s Day, Mass will be at 9:00 A.M.  The Lenten fast is dispensed on this day.
  • This Friday there will be a Rosary Procession in honor of the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady.
  • There will be no Stations of the Cross this Friday.
  • Fr. Fliess will be visiting Our Lady of the Sun Church from March 18th to the 28th.  He will be conducting the Holy Week ceremonies.  In case of an emergency, call (352) 678-2640.

Next Sunday is Palm Sunday.  Due to the length of the ceremony there will be no sermon