Posted by Elizabeth Armijo

Mon., March 20    St. Joseph                        No Mass


Tues., March 21   St. Benedict                        7:55 A.M. Low Mass


Wed., March 22   St. Isidore the Farmer     7:55 A.M. Low Mass


Thurs., March 23                Ferial Day           7:55 A.M. Low Mass


Fri., March 24   St. Gabriel the Archangel   7:55 A.M .Low Mass


Sat., March 25       Annunciation of Our Lad      9:00 A.M. Low                                                                                                       Mass    


Sun., March 26    Fourth Sunday of Lent    9:00 a.m. Low Mass


  • There will be Catechism classes after Mass today.
  • There will be a rosary procession after Mass this Friday.
  • There will be Stations of the Cross this Friday at 7 P.M.