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Sun.,   July 23      Seventh Sunday after Pentecost 9:00 A.M. Low Mass  

Mon.,  July 24      Feria                                                  Private

Tues.,  July 25      St. James the Greater                 Private

Wed.,  July 26      St. Anne, Mother of the BVM   Private

Thurs., July 27     Feria                                                  Private

 Fri.,     July 28     St. Nazarius and Celus, Mm      Private

 Sat., July 29         BVM Saturday                                Private 

 Sun., July 30        Eighth Sunday after Pentecost  9:00 a.m. Low Mass


  • No Mass: There will be no Mass here at Our Lady of the Sun on Monday through Saturday this week due to Father Gronenthal’s attendance at the Bi-annual Priest Meetings.
  • School Registration: Any parents who wish to send their children to Our Lady of the Sun Academy. Please see Sr. Maria Jacinta about School Forms as they need to be filled out as soon as possible. 
  • Thank you: to all who helped with Our Lady of the Sun Girls Camp. Your help or donations were very much appreciated! May God bless and reward you!
  • Altar Server Practice: Any boys or young men who desire to learn how to serve Holy Mass should contact Father Gronenthal