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Sunday,              August 6, 2017, Transfiguration                          9:00 AM                 

Monday,            August 7, 2017, St. Cajetan, C                               8:00 AM

Tuesday,            August 8, 2017, Feria                                              8:00 AM

Wednesday,      August 9, 2017, St. John Marie Vianney             8:00 AM

Thursday,          August 10, 2017, St. Lawrence, M                         8:00 AM

Friday,                August 11, 2017, St. Philomena, VM                     8:00 AM

Saturday,           August 12, 2017, St. Clare                                        9:00 AM

Sunday,               August 13, 2017, Tenth Sunday after Pentecost 9:00 AM

*First Holy Communion: Olivia Lopez and Peter Provonviengkham will be making their First Holy Communion at Mass today. Please keep them in your prayers on this special day After Mass everyone is welcome to a little reception in the Church hall.

*School Registration: Any parents, who wish to send their children to Our Lady of the Sun Academy, please see Sr. Maria Jacinta about School Forms as they need to be filled out as soon as possible.  

*The First Day of School: The first day of School for Our Lady of the Sun Academy will be August 21, 2017.

*Mater Dei Seminary: There will be a second collection for Mater Dei Seminary this Sunday.