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Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost

October 1, 2017

9:00 A.M.





Sun., Oct. 1                Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost

9:00 a.m.                    Pro Populo


Mon., Oct. 2              Holy Guardian Angels

8:00 a.m.                    RIP Dru Miller         


Tues., Oct. 3               St. Therese of Lisieux, V

8:00 a.m.                    Elizabeth and Neva Wilson and Intentions


Wed., Oct. 4               St. Francis of Assisi, C

8:00 a.m.                  RIP Rose Marie Moran (Steven Moran)


Thurs., Oct. 5             Feria

8:00 a.m.                    Reparation of sins (Chris A. Soto)


Fri., Oct. 6                  St. Bruno, C

8:00 a.m.                    Mary and Mark Gilmor


Sat., Oct. 7                 Most Holy Rosary BVM

8:00 a.m.                    RIP Holy Souls in Purgatory


Sun., Oct. 8                Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost

9:00 a.m.                    Pro Populo





*Thank you!! Thank you to all who came out to help beautify the grounds. May God reward you abundantly for your hard work and generosity!

*Mater Dei Seminary: There will be a second collection to help support Mater Dei Seminary in Omaha, Nebraska this Sunday.

*Confessions after Mass: As it is the first Sunday of the month, Father will be hearing confessions after Mass today.

*Litany: We will be praying the Litany of Our Lady after Mass during the month of October.

*100th year anniversary: This October 13th will be the 100th year anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions at Fatima, and the miracle of the sun. In her honor we will be having a Rosary procession at 8:00 a.m. As this is also our parish’s name day, we will be having an evening Mass at 5:00 pm that day, followed by a potluck and a play about the story of Fatima, performed by the students of Our Lady of the Sun Academy. If you are able to attend, please sign up in the vestibule for the potluck. Hope to see you there!

*Sunday Catechism: Any parents, who wish to send their children to catechism classes after Mass on Sundays, should please see Sister Maria Jacinta CMD. 

*Please help Support Our Lady of the Sun Academy: You can redirect your tax dollars to support our school through the Tops for Kids program. Please find the fliers in the vestibule for more information.

Praised be Jesus and Mary, now and forever!

(Indulgence of 50 days every time. – Pius IX Sept. 26, 1864)