Christ the King

October 28, 2012


-Sunday October 28th, 2012-

The Feast of Christ the King is, perhaps, one of the most, if not the most, anti-Vatican II and anti-ecumenical of all the Catholic festivities throughout the Liturgical year.

It proclaims Our Lord Jesus Christ to be the absolute King and Master of the whole universe, of all countries, all societies, all families and individuals.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is King by a twofold right.

a) By right of Birth. He is by the Hypostatic Union, the everlasting Word of God, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, God Himself. Therefore all honor and worship and subjection are owed to Him as such.

b) By right of Conquest. He, by the instrument of His Sacred Humanity has conquered us and rescued us from sin and from the slavery of the devil. He has defeated His enemies through His passion and death upon the Cross. Therefore all honor and worship and subjection are owed to Him under this title as well.

On the other hand, Vatican II contradicts this dogmatic fact, i.e., that Christ is King, by teaching that:

a) There is, at least, a true civil right for religious liberty, i.e., the right for men to profess publicly their own false religions. Vatican II claims that this right is founded in Revelation.

b) The Spirit of Christ did not refrain of using other churches as means of salvation.

These are, clearly, two heretical statements which contradict previous Catholic teaching. Briefly, let me say something about each one of them:

First, all rights are merely a reflection of the essence of God. They all come, ultimately from Him as from their source. Therefore all rights must be good. Now if God were to give the right to men to profess their false religions that would mean that they would be justified by doing so. God would be unable to punish them because He gave them, beforehand, a right to profess those beliefs. To be clear, this would give men, for instance, the right to profess that Christ is not a King. Thus they would be denying this teaching and many others.

Secondly, outside of the Roman Catholic Church there is no salvation. This is, according to Pope Pius IX, a most well known Catholic dogma. Thus the Roman Catholic Church is the only means of salvation. As a matter of fact, the other churches, as churches, are rather means of damnation than of salvation. Therefore, the Spirit of Christ DID refrain of using other churches as means of salvation.

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It is true that we must defend this Kingship of Christ against those who attack it. However, it is also true that we must start to enthrone Christ as King first in our own hearts, by setting aside and burning down our own little idols and attachments which prevent a complete union between us and Him. We must, if needed, rectify our lives, come back to the life of the sacraments, frequent communion and confession.

Let us make His kingdom of truth and life, kingdom of holiness and grace, kingdom of justice, peace and love, (all these being words of today’s Preface) first of all a reality in our own souls. If we were to do so, Christ promises us the victory. As a matter of fact, He shows us already the victory, the fruits of His victory and kingship in these two upcoming Feasts of this week: the Feasts of All Saints and of All the faithful departed.

Furthermore, Christ the King Himself assures us of this when He says: “To him that shall overcome, I will give to sit with me in my throne: as I also have overcome, and am set down with my Father in his throne”.