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Rev. Federico Palma
November 25, 2012

The Last Judgment

Last Sunday of Pentecost -Sunday November 25th, 2012- The Last Judgment Today is the last Sunday of the liturgical year. Next Sunday we will begin a new liturgical cycle with the first Sunday of Advent. It is most fitting then that Holy Mother Church should give us today this gospel of the Second Coming of […]

November 4, 2012


XXIII Pentecost Sunday -Sunday November 4th, 2012- Purgatory November is the month dedicated by the Church to the souls in Purgatory. So, it will be good for us to review the doctrine on Purgatory, its meaning and its existence. Before we continue, we will have to be mindful of another doctrine, that of the Communion […]

October 28, 2012

Christ the King

Christ the King

-Sunday October 28th, 2012- The Feast of Christ the King is, perhaps, one of the most, if not the most, anti-Vatican II and anti-ecumenical of all the Catholic festivities throughout the Liturgical year. It proclaims Our Lord Jesus Christ to be the absolute King and Master of the whole universe, of all countries, all societies, […]